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Referee Collapses During Hockey Game - Saved by Blue Line Medic.

11/26/2010, 12:28pm CST
By Blue Line Medical Services

Braemar Arena was the scene of an unexpected event on Friday Nov 26. During the Edina Girls Cake Eaters 6:30pm game, a referee on the East rink collapsed. Blue Line EMT, Justin Johnson raced onto the ice and found the referee in cardiac arrest. Justin immediately began CPR. As he performed CPR he sent a bystander to get the AED from the arena as another bystander called 9-1-1. When the AED arrived Justin placed the AED pads. A shock was delivered and the ref became conscious! Justin and the two bystanders stayed with the patient until the arrival of the paramedics. The patient was taken to the hospital. A followup report said that the patient was doing well and expected to make a full recovery. The patient's family returned that night to say "Thank You" to Justin for saving his life!  Great job Justin!

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